Biogas membranes

VB-EPDM membranes for sealing biogas plants.

Biogas is produced by fermenting organic raw materials from agriculture and the food industry in a purpose-built plant. The methane gas that is released is then converted into electricity and heat or is fed directly into the gas grid. In future, the production of biogas will play a major role in the mix of essential alternative energy sources.

VB-EPDM Biogas membranes play a major role in the production of biogas (methane).
They serve to seal the gas in the biogas silos where the fermentation process takes place. High demands are made on biogas membranes; they need to provide enough resistance to wind load and cope with strong exposure to UV radiation, changing temperatures and bacteriological influences. Moreover, the inherent elasticity of VB-EPDM sheeting means it is able to accommodate the pressure
differences in the silo. Only a minimum amount of methane gas may diffuse through the EPDM membrane sheet.

VB-EPDM membranes consist of rubber sheeting of the highest European quality. They are created by the bespoke vulcanisation of strips of EPDM sheet and come in a selection of thicknesses. This results in seamless and homogenous VB-EPDM membranes that precisely meet the standards set.

VB-EPDM-rubber has extremely high bacteriological resistance that is necessary in biogas plants due to the stress placed on the materials caused by the constant breakdown of organic matter
by microorganisms. Only the best materials can be used to contain the fermentation process over an extended period.

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